SSentif Company

Did you know that SSentif is pronounced 'Centive' as used in the word 'Incentive'.
SSentif started performance management in sport before moving into health, local government and other areas.
Hence the notion 'Turning your fitness around ', SSentif is the word Fitness turned around. Only now we get organisations fitter!

Government Supplier

You can purchase SSentif Analytics without the need of a time consuming tender processes. Read more

For Over 15 Years

The NHS and Local Authorities have been happily benefiting from our ever accumulating clean benchmarking data for over 15 years now.

Progressive Analysis Services

SSentif is constantly providing new and highly innovative tools for public sector organisations to analyse their data.

After Sales Service

We have a full after sales support service available to all our clients so you aren’t left alone. A single point of contact ensures nothing falls in a gap. We are probably world beaters at this.

Online 1-1 Training

Our online 1-1 training means you don’t need to leave the comfort of your desk to learn how to use the system. One of our happy band of trainers will be available online to guide you.

Onsite Training

If you need lots of people trained up together then our onsite training days are bespoke packages so we can ensure the day matches exactly what you need.