Gain Experience

Obtain that rarely available, real world experience and have fun doing it.

What is the SSentif Academy?

Be taught by the best while gaining work experience.

Get that perfect head start in the job world. Are you a student or a post grad looking for work during your academic studies? If you have what it takes then we are interested in you.

The SSentif Academy gives Leeds students the opportunity to get their foot on the employment ladder whilst completing their studies.

We offer part time short term and long term contracts in a range of areas to give you paid work experience working on real projects in the workplace.

Work areas are:

  • Data Processing
  • Web development and Database Management
  • Website Design
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Book keeping and Financial Forecasting
  • Marketing and Social Media

Projects usually come up at short notice. All contracts are part time (approx. 20 hours per week) during term time with some opportunities to work longer hours during holiday periods.

If you are interested in joining the SSentif Academy then please send your CV and accompanying cover letter explaining why you would like to join to .

We will add you to our database and you will be informed when positions become available.

"At SSentif we have seen young highly promising students blossom into very competent employees. Most have attained our highest level in SSentif's Early Leaders Programme (ELP)."

"We have employed students from all over the world and from all walks of life. e.g. Kenya, Italy, USA, NZ, Germany, UK, Mauritius, Ghana and Leeds."

MD, Judy Owens
from - UK, loves her Kindle & golf


The perfect opportunity to be guided and coached by some of the best in the industry.

Gain invaluable knowledge

In a relaxed office learn from over 95yrs experience.

"I worked at SSentif during my last two years of my undergraduate degree in computing."

"It has been an amazing experience, I believe I learned a lot more from this working experience rather than the university itself.
I've learnt from some really good developers who guided me through the obstacles that need to be faced in the real programming development."

"SSentif is a really dynamic company, I've gained experience not only working in the team but also as a developer responsible for separate projects giving me an opportunity that not every company can provide."

"Facing some problems at the university seems very abstract sometimes, having to face real case scenarios helped me to understand everything better and deepen the knowledge."

"I applied to SSentif because I needed a part-time job and I've been working up to 20 hours per week during the term time and even longer during holidays but I've always been able to also take time off when I wanted to travel or had to face busy exam periods."

"It has been really special to work at SSentif, everyone has been supportive, you are really given a chance to make a difference. The atmosphere in the office is very relaxed but at the same time motivating. It has been fantastic, the experience allowed me to land a really good job that I've always wanted. The experience here has been a game changer in my career."

"However, to me, SSentif has not been just a place to work, Pete and Judy are wonderful, they're compassionate when I had problems, they trusted me with new ideas and they've been supportive of every decision."

"I would definitely recommend SSentif to everyone, the best working experience so far! The company is growing very quickly as well, I hope to come back and see how things have progressed."

Junior Web Developer, Fahim Anjam
from - Italy, loves rubbish food

Extra Income

Why not learn and build upon your skills with real world projects while getting paid for the privilege!

How do I apply?

Send us your CV and a cover letter - simples.

The Office

"SSentif has been an incredible opportunity to learn and develop as a young professional while simultaneously supporting my need for flexibility as I complete my academic career. The workplace is casual and open, yet everyone works hard to complete their tasks."

"One of the best things about SSentif is the excellent management team that is knowledgeable and open to something new and innovative. They are flexible with employees, helpful with personal development, and dedicated to the company."

Data Leader, Val Sobel
from - USA, loves jumping out of planes