Digital Data Hub

We update over a million indicator fields every month so you have access to all the latest data you need for benchmarking and performance management and it's growing by the week!

Peer Groups

Don’t just settle for one peer group or use standard groups. In SSentif you can define and save as many as you need. Most clients agree that different peer groups are needed for different service areas.

Alerts & Targets

Add in unlimited RAG (Red, Amber and Green) targets to any of the indicators and also create alerts to let the system take the strain and push key information to you.


In addition to all the regular presentation styles you need to analyse data and present to others, SSentif also contains unique views to allow you to very quickly analyse large amounts of data.

Public Sector

SSentif brings together the largest range of data on the market. You will have access to NHS, emergency services and local government data to ensure you get the full picture.


Need to quickly see performance across a range of key indicators over time and in comparison to regional and national statistics. We have that covered too!

Outlier Performance

Our presentations allow you to quickly identify those areas where you are an outlier and then drill into more detail to start to learn why and how.


Do you have the urge to review deciles, quintiles, quartiles calculated by region, national or by peer group? We do that plus lots more in depth statistics available.


SSentif Analytics (SA) is a cloud based system. You can use it on virtually any browser or any device. From an iPhone to an android tablet to your laptop or desktop.

Types of Data

To cater for all the different data types, we have come up with ingenious ways to display this data, which enables you to easily comprehend the data story without losing the integrity of comparison making.

Secure & Confidential

SSentif adheres to all the latest security guidelines and uses cutting edge technology to ensure all systems and data remain safe and confidential. Our responsibilities towards our obligations on the ICO data protection register are resolute.

Data Quality

All data imported goes through our data validation system to help ensure the best quality of data is entered into the system.


Need help with the system? SSentif helpdesk is always just an email or a phone call away and are waiting to help you make the most of SA.

You Ask, You Get

You heard right! You need data and you can't find it in the system, no problem. You can request the data and it will be added in seamlessly before you know it.


The key to an effective usable solution is to reduce your workload. SA allows easy sharing of all reports and groups to make you more efficient.

Massive Indicator Library

The widest range of benchmarkable data is also constantly and rapidly expanding.

Multi Organisation Data

NHS, Local Authority & Emergency Services
data all brought together.

Confident Decision Making

Obtain information fast, gather evidence based intelligence. Present with confidence.

To request an online (or onsite) demonstration is very easy. Simply give us a call and ask one of our consultants to book you in, or just email us with your available times.